If you have already booked an appointment before 17 March , it is no longer valid. When your residence title expires, you will automatically receive a new appointment from us in writing. In all other cases, especially if you are applying for a residence title for the first time, please contact us in writing using the contact form or by post. In order to process your request, we need your first and last name, your date of birth as well as your complete address in Munich. When using our forms, all information should be filled out as completely as possible and the form should be signed personally by the applicant or the legal representative. Please also note that you should only send us copies and not the originals of the enclosed documents by post.

Expats in Munich

Toytown Germany is an English-language community website for Germany. It is an information resource, a meeting point, and a communication platform for English-speaking foreigners throughout the country. This moderated community is free to join, but requires registration to participate. The site is frequented by travellers and expatriates alike.

München Stadtverwaltung Landeshauptstadt Munich Bayern Rathaus your first and last name, your date of birth as well as your complete address in Munich.

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Getting a German Driver’s License

In Germany the law is significantly different than in other countries as there is no limit on the damage has to be compensated if the person is announced to be responsible for an accident. By law you could be legally forced to pay a fix amount to cover any damage you caused accidently. This could be an exceptionally high amount if you caused personal injury Good thing is that the fees for this insurance is relatively cheap.

Please see some cases collected from Toytown a forum for English speaking expats in Germany about situations when persons were accused responsible and liable for thousands of Euros. Case 3: Regardless being hit by a tram and breaking her ankle a lady was accused of being negligent. She needs to pay for resulting damages.

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Carolyn Hecken is a birth doula serving pregnant women in hospitals, birth centers and homes. There are many health benefits to hiring a doula. In research studies doulas have been proven to decrease medical interventions and improve outcomes for birthing women. Could you define for our readers the definition of a doula and the services a doula offers women? As an English-speaking doula in Munich, I help expectant mothers, and their families, navigate the uncertainties of pregnancy and the unpredictability of childbirth in a foreign system.

Throughout pregnancy, birth and the early days parenting a newborn, I provide emotional, physical, mental and informational support. Before birth, I meet with mums several times to talk about what to expect here in Germany, ways to cope with the intense sensations of birth, how to maintain a sense of relaxation and peace, how to approach the unexpected, and how to communicate clearly, effectively and amicably with health care providers, who may have a different set of cultural expectations with regard to the dynamics of the medical provider-patient relationship.

In order to support a mum in feeling as prepared as possible, I help her to recognize and access her already existing skills, strengths and abilities that she may not have considered would be applicable in the context of birth. This helps her to connect more confidently with her instinctual ability to make the decisions necessary to bring her baby in to this world safely, calmly, and above all, lovingly. What questions do you have for her? Do you feel you need a minute to talk about it?

After a mum has given birth I stay until she has had a chance to cuddle and bond with her baby, including the first feeding and getting settled into her new room if at hospital. I then meet mum several times to help her comfortably ease into life with a newborn. We talk about normal baby behaviour, changes in her body and her recollections of and feelings about the birth of her child.

The dating scene in Munich

Please submit your links or questions in English or German. How to find an apartment. Visiting us? Read: WikiVoyage: Munich Only for a few hours? Read this.

Join english speaking dating in berlin singles and find. about it, “must speak same language as me” is also very, very “random” when you first arrive in Munich​.

Recently-added books. TTMunichBookClub’s reviews. Collections Your library 62 , Currently reading 2 , All collections Media Book 62 , Paper Book 61 , Audiobook 1. The signup list is typically started on the Homepage approximately a week or two before the next meetup. When the Homepage says “venue TBD,” that means that the venue for the next meetup has not yet been selected.

Books are generally chosen via discussion on the Homepage for the next meeting or two. Old discussions are available in the archived chat for the book club.

Life in Munich

Interactions with the finance authorities is almost always something we want to avoid. However, doing your tax return in Germany can not only be super easy, but also prove to be quite profitable. If paper forms are still around, tax payers have now a wide array of options to process their cases.

Hi All, I’m considering a new job opportunity in Munich and wanted to get an idea what life is like over there, and how easy it is to meet others.

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Friday 26 June Expat feed. Picture a town in cyberspace without litter, crime, visible poverty, but with public transport that runs on time. Not hard to imagine, perhaps. But now imagine this virtual community modelled on a very real place: Munich. Welcome to Toytown, Germany’s largest English-language online forum. James, as he is known in real life, describes how after arriving in Munich 10 years ago, he felt the city’s 12, expats needed a means of exchanging messages and arranging meetings.

Garching lies about 13 km north-east of Munich and 17 km south-west of Up to date information for visitors; Munichfound – Magazine for English speaking Josef Strauss Airport; Toytown Munich – Anything you need to know about Munich.

Business and Services Directory. Germany has a long tradition of creating and maintaining strong social programs. Even given its exceptional social commitment throughout its history, Germany currently has an extremely low birth rate 1. Germany’s ideal birthrate would be 2. Elterngeld is funded by the federal tax system and replaced, on January 01, , the pre-existing Erzeihungsgeld or Parenting Allowance. This is not a permanent subsidy while it is limited to the first 12 or 14 months following the child’s birth.

The amount of the Elterngeld is based on the after taxes income of the parent dedicated to caring for the newborn and is to be viewed as a limited income subsidy. The Germans have adopted a clause based on the Scandinavian system – which allows for both parents to exercise their right to time off with their new born and to receive Elterngeld , too – by sharing the allocated ” Elterngeld time” months total. To contract for Elterngeld , you need to apply in writing.

The website is in German, but don’t worry. All you have to do is click on one of the listed Bundeslaender and the first address that comes up is where you need to apply.

Local and Practical Information

However today things are changing at a rapid Swiss. In fact a person who is on her second term as the Chancellor of parents or families and prefer to lead an independent social life. They expect to be one of the player. It is not only evident from the fact that. American dating german girl it. German women are themselves.

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Munich and the surrounding countryside is a great place for cycling. This group has been happily cycling around Bavaria since We are a diverse group of international expats and Bavarian natives all living in or near Munich. Join Us! A weekly ride is normally planned for Sunday occasionally shifted to Saturday depending upon the weather each weekend by a dedicated group member during a season which starts mid-March and ends with the first snows of December.

Rides are normally announced on Thursdays. This is social cycling. A day tour will usually be between 45 and 60 km, during which we ride for an hour or so around km , then stop for a rest in a beer garden or restaurant. Then we ride on, stopping a total of two or three or four times.

Member: TTMunichBookClub

The mortgage most suited to an expat depends on income, lifestyle and personal circumstances. Some German mortgages require you to start repayment immediately, while others allow you to delay full repayment and only pay interest. Non-German citizens are considered riskier investments and consequently, will usually be required to pay a larger deposit upfront, especially if you are not a resident or employed in Germany. Mortgages typically last 25 to 30 years, with a fixed interest rate for the first few years.

You can also choose to have fixed interest for 10, 20 or even 30 years in exchange for a higher overall rate.

Lovingly dubbed ‘Toytown’, Munich is one of Europe’s cleanest and most Oriental occupies the building of the city’s old opera house dating from

The number of Indians acquiring German citizenship has been steadily increasing in the past years. Not only bigger cities but also smaller towns are seeing large number citizenship applications and successful naturalization of Indians. You too now meet the criteria and planning to apply for German citizenship and become an OCI? A detailed description of the requirements for naturalization in German can be found on this official webpage.

You will need to answer 33 questions in this 60 minutes test. Out of the 33, you have to get 17 or more correct. One of the difficult dilemmas Indians have while applying for the German citizenship is whether they really want to give up their Indian citizenship in exchange for the German one. When you know that you meet all the criteria for German citizenship and will soon complete the necessary number of years of stay you can start readying various documents. German Citizenship combined with OCI is a relatively expensive affair!

Below is an overview of total expenses for the whole process per person, including the OCI, as of year The OCI expenses are not immediate however, as it can be done anytime after renunciation of your Indian citizenship. The total expenses for acquiring German citizenship and OCI for a family of 4 can easily run upward of Euros.

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